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Timisoara: Photo Gallery
The "Little Vienna" tag is particularly pertinent in this delightful city which boasts a wealth
of Secessionist (Art Nouveau or Jugendstil) architecture.
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Timisoara - Little Vienna
The Secession in Timisoara - Art Nouveau architecture
The Romanian Revolutoion in Timisoara
1989 Museum - Timsioara
Oradea Photo Gallery
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Piata Victoriei with Orthodox Cathedral (1936-46)

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Piata Unirii
Serbian Bishop's Residence
Palatul Bruck (Mercy 9)
Palatul Emmer (Mercy 7)
Banca de Scont
Palatul Deschan
Palatul Mercy
Post Office Building
National Bank Building
Piarist Monastery & College
Piata Victoriei
Palatul Weiss
Palatul Lloyd
Palatul Neuhausz
Palatul Dauerbach
Palatul Merbl
Palatul Hilt
Palatul Szechenyi
Palatul Loffler
Opera House
Piata Plevnei
incl.Casa cu Pavni
Splaiul T. Vladimirescu
Palatul Apelor (CFR)
Piata Maria
Blvd 16 December 1989
Szekely's Iosefin Fire Station
Former city Abattoir
Decebal Bridge
Fabric District
Baile Neptun
Blvd 3 August 1919
City Alms House
Piata Traian
Palatul Mercur
Scoala Generala 21
Bega Hydroelectric station


Apartment palaces on the west side of Piata Victoriei: Merbl Palace (Anton Merbl, 1911), Neuhausz Palace (Szekely, 1911)
and Lloyd Palace (Baumhorn, 1912) / Lloyd Palace and Restaurant / Weiss Palace (Szekely, 1911)
Apartment palaces on Piata Victoriei: Szechenyi Palace (Szekely, 1913) on the south west corner of Piata Victoriei /
Dauerbach Palace (Szekely, 1913) with Romulus and Remus wolf statue /
Detail on the end of Loffler Palace (Leopold Loffler, 1912-13) on the east side of the square
Piarist church and college (Szekely 1907-12) near Piata Victoriei / Lloyd restaurant restored in original 'Mackintosh' style /
Detail on Baroque Palace (1754), Piata Unirii / Banca de Scont (Komor & JaKab, 1906) on the corner of Piata Unirii

Hotel Timisoara and the Timisoara Opera / Piata 700 market / Piata Libertatii with the old town hall
North side of Piata Unirii with the Serbian Bishops Palace redesigned by Szekely, the baroque Serbian Orthodox
Cathedral (1745-48) and Plague column (1740) /
South side of Piata Unirii - restoration of the Catholic Cathedral (Fischer von Erlach, 1774) almost complete in 2004 /
Piata Unirii with newly restored baroque Catholic Cathedral in 2005

On the corner of Piata Unirii / Old and New - newly restored Deschan Palace reflected in the Bega Shopping Centre /
Szekely's Decebal Bridge and Baile Neptune Palace (1913) with the road into Fabric


Bulevardul 3 August 1919: Apartment Buildng No.3 / Muse on No.5 /
Mascaron over wrought irron door on No.7 (Steiner, 1907) / Maura Synagogue (Lipot Baumhorn, 1899)
Recently restored City Alms House (Szekely, 1908-9) / Detail on No.5 Bulevardul 3 August 1919 /
Doorway at Bulevardul 3 August 1919 / Mercur Palace apartments on Piata Traian
Two views of the Secessionist Pharmacy on Str. Dacilor; Industrial 'Secessionist' Architecture: Dura Battery Factory
on Strada Pestalozzi / Former City Abbatoir (Szekely, 1904) with Heinnicke's bull statue
Market at Piata Badea Cartan (formerly Piata de Fan - the 'Haymarket') / Autumn colours on Strada Rozelor /
Szekely's Hydro-electric power station on the Bega (1910)


Palatul Apelor (1900-2), now the CFR administration building / Extravagant facade and bright colours near Piata Maria /
Orthodox cathedral viewed from the south bank
Piata Plevnei: Casa cu Pavni ' Peacock House' (Gemeinhardt, 1905) /
Peacock facade in need of restoration / Faces peer out over the park
Szekely's Fire Station in Iosefin (1906) / Former Girls School (Banat College) beside the Bega in Iosefin /
Romanian Orthodox Church in Mehala

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