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1989 Revolution Museum, Timisoara
Memorial Revolutiei 16-22 Decembrie 1989 incl, Monumments to the Martyrs
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Museum to the Victims of Communism in Romania - Memorial Sighet
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The Association "Memorial of the the Revolution of Timisoara 16-22 December 1989" was created in 1990 with the aim of honouring the memory of the victims of the Romanian Revolution. They created a Memorial in the Heroes Cemetery (Calea Lipovei) and subsequently a series of 12 commissioned monuments to the Martyrs of the Revolution which stand in parts of the city where people were killed during the uprising. They were funded by public donations and comprise:

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  • The Target Man "Omul Tinta" - bronze by Bela Sakats
    (Piata 700, in front of the Greco-Catholic church)
  • Martyrs' Fountain "Fântâna Martilrilor" - by Victor Gaga
    (behind Capitol Cinema)
  • Martyrs "Martiri" - bronze by Petru Jecza (behind Banata Museum)
  • The Winner "Învingatorul" - bronze, by Constantin Popovici
    (Bulevard Take Ionescu)
  • Evolution "Evolutie" - bronze by Gheorghe Iliescu-Calinesti
    (Beside Continental Hotel)
  • Heroine "Eroica" - bronze by Pail Vasilescu (Calea Lipovei)
  • Liberty Bell "Clopotul Libertatii" - Stefan Calarasanu (Piata Traian)
  • The Weeping Church "Biserica Plângatoare" - by Marian Zidaru
    (Piata Küttl in Iosefin)
  • Opening "Descidere" - naval steel (Calea Martirilor)
  • Memorial of December 1989 Student Martyrs - Stefan Keleman
    (University Campus, Strada Cluj)
  • St.George "Sf.Gheorghe" - bronze, Silvia Radu (Piata Sf.Gheorghe)
  • Piety "Pieta" - bronze by Petru Jecza (Decebal Bridge)

1989 Revolution


Birthplace of the Revolution
- Piata Victoriei
- Reformed Church
- Stay in Ceausescu's Villa
- 1989 Memorial Museum
- Monuments of the Martyrs

- Palace of Parliament
- Piata Revolutiei
- National Library
- former Central Committee building
- Ghencea Cemetery


Memorial Sighet
(former Prison of the Ministers)

Doftana Prison near Ploiesti
Petrosani, Pitesti


Red Horizons (Ion Pacepa)
The Lost Footsteps (Silviu Craciunas)
Looking for George
Land of Green Plums (Herta Muller)
The Passport (Herta Muller)
Kiss the Hand you cannot Bite
(John Sweeney)
The Life & Evil Times of
Nicolae Ceausescu (Edward Behr)
Stealing from a Depp Place (Brian Hall)
Once upon Another Time
(Jessica Douglas-Home)
In Another Europe (Georgina Harding)
The Long Shadows (Alan Brownjohn)
Theft of a Nation (Tom Gallagher)

Several titles are also available in
the Romanian Language


22 December 1989

In 1995 the association purchased and commenced the restoration of an old town building with a central courtyard on Strada Ungureanu (close to Piata Unirii). This now comprises a centre for documentation, research and information about the 1989 Revolution. There is an Exhibition room or Museum which charts the Revolution through photographs, paintings and other exhibits, and where an excellent, hour video presentation of the Revolution was offered to visitors. This was subsequentky relocated to a building just north of Piata Unirii.

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The Heroes' Chapel at the Memorial Museum
in Timisoara:
The Resurrection and the Holy Trinity
Exhibits in the Memorial Museum
including uniforms of militia and military
A longer video charting the rise and fall of the Ceausescus may be shown on request. There are also rooms containing archives - written testimonies of victims, witnesses and participants in the Revolution, official and personal documents, an audio-visual archive, a library and collection of newspapers, and books for sale. A recent addition is the new Heroes' Chapel with beautiful frescoes.
The Memorial Museum is open to the public daily 09:00 - 17:00
There is no official entrance fee but a donation should be left in the honesty box

Associatia Memorialul Revolutiei 16-22
Memorial of the Revolution
Tel./Fax. +40 (0)256 294936
Email: [email protected]

President: Dr Traian Orban

Painting in the museum depicting the crowds gathered in theOpera Square (now Piata Victoriei) in front of the Orthodox Cathedral

Visit our main pages about the city of Timisoara for an idea of city breaks
City tours are available which can be adapted as special Revolution tours which incorporate the main flashpoints
of the Revolution and a video show at this excellent museum

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